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We want all our pupils to have access to powerful knowledge about our world, the complexity of people’s lives, and how we got where we are today. We have devised a broad and engaging history curriculum that inspires curiosity and develops knowledge and understanding of our past. Pupils will study significant events such as the World Wars and the Battle of Hastings, and learn about the lives and impact of key historical figures. They will investigate how ancient civilisations, such as the Greeks and Romans, changed the course of human development, and investigate how diverse societies around the world expanded upon this knowledge. By revisiting historical concepts such as war and peace, monarchy, government, and civilisation, children will be able discuss the process of change through time and make strong links across their learning. Our history lessons will enable children to ask insightful questions, analyse sources, and discuss cause and effect. We aim for our children to become critical thinkers who can engage with their society and the wider world.