Information on wider reopening

Dear parents and carers,

I hope that you and your family are well. As you are aware on Sunday 10th May, the Prime Minister made an announcement that schools, where possible, should try and bring children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 back to school from 1st June as well as the continued provision for children of critical workers and vulnerable groups. All other year groups should continue to be educated at home.

As a Trust we outlined three key guiding principles in our phased return:

  1. The safety of children and staff will be our top priority.
  2. The main purpose of expanding provision, within Government guidelines, is to further support the communities we serve.
  3. We respect that parents are best placed to determine whether their children come to school, if eligible, or continue learning at home.

From 1st June we invited Year 1 back to school. Whilst understandably there was some apprehension, those children who returned have been thrilled to be back in school and it has been a pleasure to watch them learning back at school with their peers. From Monday 15th June, we then welcomed back Reception, which has also been heartening to see children enjoying being back in school.

Having tested our systems and processes, as well as conducting detailed risk assessments, the STEP Board has taken the decision to further extend provision from Wednesday 1st July; but only where academies have the capacity to do so. Unfortunately, at this point in time, Burfield do not currently have the capacity to welcome back Nursery aged children.

Whilst I understand that this is an unknown and unsettling time, I am sure you will agree that the safety of our pupils must come first. Some parents and carers have asked about our plans for September and as soon as the Government releases guidance about the next school year, we will of course communicate our plans with you. This will also include information about transition for your child into their next school year and class.

Please note that our childcare provision will remain as it is currently operating, with only those children who have critical worker parents or are classed as vulnerable being eligible.

Kind regards,

Mrs Hughes

Head of School