Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

We are committed to improving the life chances of all children. Where we have the capacity to make a difference we are morally bound to do so

STEP Values

We also recognise our STEP values, which are shared across our academy trust. We teach children that these are our family values.
They are:


Our Aims

At Burfield Academy we structure our systems and procedures to ensure that we use every minute of every day effectively.Underpinning this is the belief that every moment a child is in school must be used effectively — if time is wasted, it is lost forever and cannot be given back.
We are developing a curriculum that embraces the range of our pupils’ backgrounds and cultures, whilst always holding at its core the importance of reading, writing, speaking and listening and a deep and secure understanding of mathematics.
We work passionately to support our pupils in becoming highly effective and successful members of society by developing an environment that is underpinned with the core values that our pupils will need to achieve their full potential in life.

Our Motto

Growing, learning, succeeding together.