At Burfield, we believe ongoing assessment is key to tracking learning and planning the next steps for each child.

We assess termly (every six weeks) using the assessment tracking software O Track. This allows the teaching staff to make a judgement about each child’s progress against the standards mapped in the national curriculum. These are the ‘age-related expectations’ for Year One. We expect all children to meet these expectations so they are ready for Year Two.


Writing & Grammar
  • Produce own ideas for writing
  • Compose a sentence orally before writing
  • Sequence a series of sentences to form stories
  • Write lists and simple explanations
  • Re-read sentences to check they make sense
  • Leave spaces between words
  • Use ‘and’ to join words and clauses
  • Punctuate sentences using a full stop, capital letter, question mark or exclamation mark
  • Use capital letters for names and personal pronoun ‘I’
  • Correctly form capital and lower case letters starting at the right places
  • Add the suffixes –s or –es to nouns e.g. dog to dogs, wish to wishes
  • Understand how the prefix un- changes verbs and adjectives e.g. happy to unhappy


Children in the EYFS are expected to achieve a good level of development against the Early Learning Goals. You can find more details of the Early Learning Goals and their expectations for children of different ages here

We record children’s learning against the EYFS using Tapestry (please link this to the Tapestry information I sent before).

The STEP assessment policy can also be view from the Policies Page.